I basically like coding and I am lucky enough to get the opportunity to develop open source software as part of my job. Below are the application that I developed:

  • MAD is a simulator of self-adaptive software architectures. MAD captures the interplay of so-called ‘defencive’ mechanisms (e.g., queues, AQM, auto-scaling, timeouts, back-off, …). MAD runs discrete events simulation and estimates performances including reliability, availability and response time to name a few.

  • TRIO quantifies the robustness of software architectures. The evaluation algorithm borrows from Biology the idea of ‘extinction sequences’. Given a model of the architecture that captures the dependencies between components, it also spots the weakest point as well as the most dangerous sequences of failures.

  • FLaP is a small Python script that generates a ‘flat’ version of LaTeX projects that include multiple source files.

I also contributed to other open source projects, such as the Kermeta language and the CloudML tool.

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